Physiotherapy for Ankle Pain

Physiotherapy for Ankle Pain

Ankle pain can be pretty brutal, especially if well… you like to walk! Seriously though, if you’ve ever injured your ankle you know how bad the pain can be, and what’s worse is that healing can be all that much more frustrating since, well… you NEED to walk. So physiotherapy for ankle pain? Kind of a match made in rehabilitation heaven if you ask me.

Your ankle is a hinged joint, with three articulating bones: your tibia, fibula and talus, the former two in your lower leg and the latter bone the topmost bone in your foot. These three bones in your ankle joint are supported by muscles, tendons and ligaments. Such a small, poorly structured joint probably shouldn’t be supporting your entire body, but let’s call it a “lack of evolutionary opportunity” as an excuse, since (in the big picture of things) we really haven’t been walking upright for very long.

What causes ankle pain?

Ankle pain can be caused by a number of factors; usually by a sprain which can occur from your ankle ligaments tearing or being stretched too far. Once strained, your ankle might be then predisposed to further instability and pain as ligaments don’t usually regain their elasticity (which is one reason physiotherapy for ankle pain is so important - but I’m getting ahead of myself here).

Other reasons you might have ankle pain include: inflammation of your Achilles tendon, osteoarthritis in the joint space, plus other less common issues such as gout, nerve compression, or even inflammation of one of the other less minor tendons that attach into your ankle.

What is physiotherapy for ankle pain?

Since your ankle pain’s cause may not be obvious, it should be properly diagnosed by a qualified physiotherapist such as those working at Yellow Gazebo. Here, one of our professionals will take you through your health history and the proper range of tests to determine the most likely cause of injury. Once a diagnosis has been established, your physiotherapist can begin treatment - which may include a variety of options such as massage, acupuncture, or a variety of assisted exercises. You will probably need to do some exercises at home as well, so be prepared to do so. Resting the injury is also often needed after an ankle injury, but of course this is difficult to achieve so is usually recommended where absolutely necessary for healing.

Please take the time to learn more about treating ankle with physiotherapy by booking an appointment with one of our qualified health care professionals. For more info on who might be the best person for your own personal needs, please call us at 416-909-2334, email us at, or use the online booking link below to get started right away. Best of luck in your healing!

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