How We’re Responding to COVID-19

We're Helping Stop The Spread of COVID-19

Due to concerns regarding the Novel Coronavirus, we are doing our best to take precautions to protect our community, our patients and also our team and their families.

We're very lucky at Yellow Gazebo that in a clinic setting such as ours, seclusion and isolation go together with treatment. You get to work one-on-one in a room with a therapist, plus...

We're using hospital-grade disinfectants to clean every surface you might touch, which includes all items in the treatment rooms, waiting area, door handles, railings, and so on.

We wash and dry (on VERY high heat) all of our sheets, towels, and blankets after EVERY SINGLE USE.

Our therapists wash their hands before and after treatment, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Now, if you have had a fever in the last 24 hours OR started coughing OR had a chronic cough become worse OR you or someone you've been in close contact with have just came back from traveling in the past 14 days, please kindly reschedule your appointment with us.

And please feel free to liberally use our hand sanitizers and sinks to keep your hands clean while visiting.

We’ll all get through this safely, together.

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