stress relief st clair west forest hill torontoStress is something common to all of our daily lives. The feelings come from our innate 'fight or flight mechanism', which developed in our ancestors some tens of thousands of years ago. Today, our bodies have yet to adapt physiologically to modern life with its constant stressors, and this innate mechanism meant to protect us can sometimes work against us.  In times when there was the odd predator to flee from, these instincts were appropriate because it was a short bout of stress, then recovery.  In modern life, a hectic moment can become an entire day full of stress, or a week, and so on.  Without the proper time for recovery, mental and/or physical fatigue sets in, and stress disorders arise.

Stress has been linked to the following conditions:

Depending on how you respond to the event, many things in life can cause stress, including bad traffic conditions, poor weather, or family relationships. Other more stressful events include loss or illness of a loved one, being the victim of a crime or accident, financial concerns, home-related concerns such as moving, or even holidays and special events.

Your doctor will likely only see you after stress has had a profound impact on your health, and will probably prescribe medications for your insomnia, high blood pressure, peptic ulcers, anxiety or depression.  A mental health professional may also be a good choice for some conditions, if you feel so inclined.

Preventing and managing stress before it becomes serious is highly recommended by most healthcare providers. Psychotherapy can have a profound impact on your moods and can help you feel better about your life. Acupuncture and TCM can help ease your tension and balance hormonal disproportions. And yoga as well as massage therapy will help make you feel more relaxed and free to love your life.

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