diabetes st clair west torontoDiabetes is a chronic disease that makes your body produce insufficient amounts of insulin, or makes your body resistant to the insulin being produced. Because insulin's role in the body is to transport glucose into cells to be used for energy production, this condition can have a major effect on your ability to live a normal life.  Type 1 diabetes is thought to be genetic and immune-system based, while type 2 (the more common form) is usually caused by obesity, inactivity, and a poor diet. Type 3, also known as gestational diabetes, only occurs during pregnancy and untreated, can potentially mean permanent diabetes for you and/or your baby.

It is essential to seek treatment for this condition. Left alone it can lead to complications such as damage to blood vessels that can cause heart disease or stroke. Other complications include predisposition to infection, erectile dysfunction, kidney disease, and damage to your eyes and even the nerves throughout your body, especially your feet.

If you have type 1 diabetes you need to manage your condition with insulin injections, whereas type 2 diabetics can often (but not always) control their condition with weight control, diet, and exercise.  Your doctor will likely suggest daily blood sugar monitoring, and may even suggest an A1C test, which tests how well your treatment plan is working.

Because diabetes can lead to serious consequences, it is important to seek treatment and continue to monitor your blood sugar levels, plus follow your doctor's advice with lifestyle changes. In addition, seeking natural healthcare can make your management that much more simple. Diet modification as suggested from a qualified nutritionist can help tremendously. For example, cinnamon can help regulate blood sugar levels, and a professional can help you create a diet plan that suits your needs and taste requirements too.

Yoga can help you lose necessary weight and keep it off, plus it may help reduce stress that can exacerbate complications. Massage therapy can also help reduce stress, while also keeping your feet healthy.

Acupuncture and TCM can help control blood sugar levels, stress, and can help you lose weight.

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