Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Pregnancy

What is the relationship between carpal tunnel syndrome and pregnancy?

While pregnant, you may experience the same sort of carpal tunnel syndrome that teachers, concert pianists, and computer programmers are all vulnerable to at one time or another.  For these people, carpal tunnel syndrome is brought about through repetitive movements that cause a buildup of fluids along with swelling in the wrist.  In pregnancy, it is natural for your body to take on a buildup of fluids, especially in the third trimester.  This buildup occurs everywhere in the body, including the arms and wrists.

Anatomically speaking, the pathway from the palmar side of the forearm to the hand is called the 'carpal tunnel', and compression caused by the fluids and swelling can affect the nerves (specifically the median nerve) and blood flow to your hand.  Symptoms of this compression include pain, tingling and numbness, and a dull, aching pain in your thumb and first two fingers.  Severe examples of these symptoms indicate that you should see your doctor for a consult with a specialist who may prescribe cortisone or possibly a minor surgery on the ligaments to help alleviate pressure on the median nerve.

How can natural medicine help with carpal tunnel syndrome and pregnancy?

While the syndrome should resolve itself after you give birth, there are some things that you can do to help alleviate the discomfort in the meantime.  If your job requires you to do repetitive movements with your hands, consider wearing wrist splints until your baby arrives.  Massage therapy can help reduce swelling, as can acupuncture and TCMYoga will help promote better posture, strength and relaxation.  Diet modification, including the use of some supplements such arnica, can help reduce inflammation.

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