reflexology st clair torontoWhat is reflexology?

Reflexology involves the application of pressure to your feet (although your hands or ears may also be involved with some therapists) with specific hand techniques, sometimes without requiring the use of oils or lotions.  The name infers that your body contains a system of zones or 'reflex zones' that correspond to other areas of your body.  Thus, it is believed, a practitioner of reflexology can treat any area of concern to you by treating only one small part of you, e.g. your feet.

The basic techniques date back potentially thousands of years, developing in ancient cultures such as China, Japan, India, Egypt, Europe, and even here in North America. The term 'reflexology' itself was coined in the 1930's by American physiotherapist Eunice Ingham.

What Can Reflexology Treat?

Some of the many conditions include:

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