Hypomenorrhea (Very Light Periods)

What is hypomenorrhea?

Hypomenorrhea refers to a condition where your menstrual flow is regular, but extremely light.  You may experience a lighter flow due to genetic reasons, and this need not be alarming.  Other causes of hypomenorrhea include a smaller than usual bleeding surface due to hormonal imbalances (although this is rare), or a natural shift in hormonal production because of puberty or menopause, oral contraceptive use for an extended time, excessive stress, heavy exercise, or crash diets.  Asherman's syndrome is a rare uterine disease that causes adhesions (scar tissue) to form in the uterus, where hypomenorrhea may be the only symptom.

Although with Asherman's syndrome surgery may be called for to remove adhesions, your doctor will not likely prescribe any sort of treatment for hypomenorrhea.  If fertility is an issue related to your hypomenorrhea, drugs such as hormonal replacement therapy may be prescribed, but there are side effects associated with this treatment so be sure to ask your doctor and/or pharmacist about the risks.

Can natural medicine treat hypomenorrhea?

Natural health care can help tremendously when it comes to your period.  Nutritional counselling will help ensure that you are receiving all the essential foods, and can help you gain or lose weight where necessary.  Acupuncture and TCM can help balance out your hormone levels, and generally regulate your period through a series of treatments that will likely involve herbs.  Yoga is great for strengthening your body and realigning your cycles, and massage therapy can help you reduce stress.

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