Knee Pain

physiotherapy knee pain st clair west torontoPain in your knee (or knees) can be quite excruciating, and can really limit the way you live your life. This type of pain is quite common, and many factors can contribute to what kind of pain you're experiencing. There are conventional medical treatments that might help, but natural therapies tend to be much better for knee pain.

The largest joint in your body, the knee is composed of two discs (aka menisci), as well as ligaments and tendons, with cartilage on the inside of the joint to help absorb shock and assist with movement. Symptoms of knee pain may include the following:

  • swelling
  • stiffness and rigidity
  • weakness or instability
  • redness
  • crunching or grinding noises

Factors that put you at risk for developing knee pain involve being overweight, biomechanical issues (such as a misalignment in your hips causing your knees to move in a non-ideal way), lack of proper strength or flexibility, and overuse (e.g. from athletic injury or workplace stress).

After seeing a doctor, your diagnosis will first involve determining whether the pain has been caused by injury, mechanical issue, arthritis, or some other disease, such as an infection of the knee. Treatment by your doctor will stem from this determination, and may involve first aid measures, rest, bracing, medication, and possibly even surgery.

Natural medicine offers a great deal of options for helping you with your knee pain. Acupuncture has been proven to provide enormous relief from any type of knee pain, no matter if it's acute or chronic. Massage therapy can help to relax muscles that might be part of the problem, and physiotherapy can help ensure that bio-mechanical issues are taken care of. Chiropractic care can offer surprising options for relief from knee pain as well.

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