Registered massage Therapist Pam Clarridge is a graduate of ICT Kikkawa College in Toronto. There she learned a variety of Swedish massage techniques, fascial techniques, trigger point therapy, as well as an introduction to Suikodo™ (a gentle, passive manipulation of joints and tissue which can be effective where other modalities have proven to be too intense). Pam's focus is to achieve a whole-body relaxation. Reducing stress is the first step towards living without pain. She believes that if we can calm the mind, we can calm the body. She uses gentle coaxing of the muscles to relax, as well as deeper techniques where necessary. Pam is passionate about improving the well-being of her clients so that they walk out the door happy, calm and pain free.

In the future she intends to expand her practice to include fascial stretch therapy (FST), Ashiatsu massage (performed barefoot) as well as ultrasound therapy in addition to taking a more in-depth course on Suikodo™.

What is registered massage therapy?

Registered massage therapy, a regulated health profession in Ontario, is generally taught in the method of Swedish massaging.  This technique involves long, smooth strokes, kneading, and other movements intent on causing relaxation of the muscles, accomplished by improving circulation to the muscles via the treatment, thereby improving oxygen and nutrient supply to the tissues.  While this popular therapy helps treat injuries, illness and stress, it is also excellent for helping prevent illness and conditions before they develop.  Some reasons people seek the help of RMT's include: