Amenorrhea (Lack of Periods)

What is amenorrhea?

Amenorrhea refers to the absence of one or two of your periods, or if you have reached the age of 16 years and have not yet begun to menstruate.  Pregnancy, breast feeding , and menopause are the most common causes of amenorrhea, and the only likely ones to be of no concern.  Primary amenorrhea (when you are at least 16 years old and have never had a period) often occurs because of a congenital absence of a uterus, or a failure of your ovary to maintain or receive egg cells.  Secondary amenorrhea (when you have missed two or more of your periods) is often caused by hormonal imbalances.  These hormonal imbalances may be caused by such factors as extreme weight loss, emotional or physical stress, excessive exercise or severe illness.

Your doctor will treat your underlying cause of amenorrhea, and conventional treatment patterns may differ.  Surgery may be required to correct anatomical causes, while hormone therapy may be recommended for hormonal imbalances (although there are potential side effects, so be sure to discuss these with your doctor).  Lifestyle changes will likely be recommended to you where appropriate.

Can amenorrhea be treated with natural medicine?

Natural health care can be excellent for helping you with amenorrhea.  Nutritional counselling can help ensure that you eating a well balanced, healthy diet that promotes good menstrual function, while acupuncture and TCM can help you regulate hormone levels and bring your period back to normal.  Yoga and massage therapy can help you reduce stress and realign your body.

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